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What is the Bear Creek Association?

The Bear Creek subdivision is an 80-acre development consisting of 110 residential lots together with greenbelt and common areas, along with facilities and equipment owned in common by the lot owners. The affairs of the community are governed by the Bear Creek Association, a non-profit mutual benefit corporation that oversees not only the operation, maintenance, and upkeep of the common areas, but also administers and enforces the uniform Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

The Association is run by its elected Board of Directors, which in turn elects the officers of the Association. Each property owner in Bear Creek holds one vote; additional lots owned by a single member do not constitute additional votes. If a lot is owned by multiple people only one vote for all owners is cast. Directors are elected for a term of three years and may serve two consecutive terms.

The Board of Directors meets a minimum of four times a year. An Annual Bear Creek Homeowner Meeting of the Association, which all homeowners are encouraged to attend, is held near the July 4th holiday and within 30-days of the close of our fiscal year. The BCA fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th. Traditionally a Valley Wide Meeting is also held each Labor Day weekend. Notices are sent out to all members and again, attendance is encouraged.

The powers and rights of the Association are set forth in the CC&Rs and Bylaws, which include the right to levy and collect assessments, the right to establish rules regulating the use of both the common areas and the individual residential lots of its members, and the right to impose sanctions for violation of the CC&Rs including the right to assess monetary penalties, to take legal action, and to suspend the rights and privileges of individual owners.

Bear Creek is one of three existing associations and/or subdivisions located within the Alpine Meadows Valley (hereinafter called the Valley). The two others are the Alpine Meadows Estates Association and the Juniper Mountain Association. In addition to these associations, there are Valley-wide boards and committees with jurisdiction over the entire area.

The Bear Creek Planning Committee (BCPC)

The developers of the Valley envisioned that the homes built here would fit together in a harmonious way and incorporate the natural beauty of the area. Thus jurisdiction over building in the Valley was given by the developers to the Bear Creek Planning Committee (BCPC). The BCPC was established by the three homeowners associations, Bear Creek Association, Juniper Mountain Association, and Alpine Meadows Estates Association, to serve as a design and review board for construction. As such it performs a planning function and exercises architectural control over all construction and improvements within these subdivisions.

The Architectural Review Manual (ARM) describes the improvements requiring BCPC approval, as well as the review and approval process. In general, any improvement to a lot, alteration or change in the land coverage or appearance of the land, or change in exterior appearance of an existing home, is subject to BCPC review. In addition to application fees, which are used to fund the Committee’s operations, a Performance Deposit is required to ensure compliance with the regulations.

The Bear Creek Planning Committee recognizes your right to build or improve your home and strives to make the process as straightforward as possible. This process is designed so that your improvements will integrate well with the other homes in the Valley.


The Bear Creek Valley board was established by the three associations and by the Bear Creek Planning Committee to act on appeals from homeowners regarding decisions of the Bear Creek Planning Committee. Details of the appeals process are defined in the Architectural Review Manual “ARM”.

A complete version of the Architectural Review Manual “ARM” can be found here or by contacting the BCPC Secretary.

BCPC Secretary:

P.O. BOX 6136 ● TAHOE CITY, CA 96145 ● 530.581.5692

Bear Creek Committees

The Bear Creek Association has its own committees that are run by volunteer members of our community. Below is a list of the on-going committees. We also frequently have ad-hoc committees to address special projects or interests.

THE SOCIAL & WELCOMING COMMITTEE: The social committee consists of members of our community interested in welcoming new homeowners to our neighborhood and organizing our social functions. The functions include but are not limited to the Labor Day Progressive Dinner, Après-Ski Party and the 4th of July Pond Party. Please contact our Business Manager if you have an interest in participating in this committee. All BCA homeowners are welcome to join.

THE TREE COMMITTEE: The tree committee has authority to approve any tree removal that falls outside of the scope of Defensible Space. Any tree or large shrub, which is more then 3-inches in diameter, must get pre-approval prior to removal. Please contact the Business Manager and fill out a Tree Removal Request Form, which will be submitted to the committee for approval. The committee also advises the Association in regards to the removal of dead, dying, and hazardous trees throughout our community.

THE FINANCE COMMITTEE: The finance committee is in charge of oversight and decision making for all capital expenditures. The committee also reviews and monitors the BCA investment policy for compliance and analyzes the adequacy of the BCA capital reserves used for such things as equipment and landscaping needs for the general association.

Any BCA homeowner interested in joining a committee is encouraged to do so. The Board of Directors appoints all committee members. Please contact the Business Manager with your interest. Her contact information is: 

             Emily Fralick, Granite Peak Management    


             P.O. BOX 3750 ● Olympic Valley, CA 96146 ● 530.583.7545                

Bear Creek Association Board of Directors 2019-2020

President Rachelle Latimer

Vice President Matt Jennison

Secretary Ken Silbert

Treasurer John Crawford

Director Robb Olson

Director Beth Scanlan

Director Michael Battey

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