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  • 3 Oct 2020 7:16 PM | Beth Scanlan (Administrator)

    We are deeply saddened to announce the death of longtime Bear Creek Association resident Marilyn Olmstead.  Marilyn died in a cycling accident this past Wednesday while riding on a rural road in Yolo County.  We will all remember her as a warm and engaging member of the Bear Creek Community.

    In her professional life, Marilyn was a University of California, Davis chemistry professor emeritus. The University has also been mourning her death. “We are heartbroken to learn that Professor Emerita Marilyn Olmstead has passed away,” said a Tweet from the UC Davis Chemistry Department. “Marilyn was a world-class crystallographer and an outstanding teacher beloved by her students. She will be greatly missed.”

    Marilyn is survived by her husband, Alan Olmstead and their two children Nate and Janis.

  • 31 Aug 2020 4:00 PM | Beth Scanlan (Administrator)

    2020 “Area of Refuge” Evacuation Drill in Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows - September 12th, 4pm

    Combined event – Sept 12th 4-5 PM Microsoft Teams Meeting Conference ID: 751 609 340# +1 213-279-1097 United States, Los Angeles (Toll)

    While the primary plans for wildfire in our area call for complete evacuation via 89, this drill (as last year) will simulate the limited scenario of a wildfire closing Highway 89 in both directions. In such a scenario, existing fire plans employ the ski resort parking lots as “areas of refuge”.

    THIS YEARS EVENT WILL BE VIRTUAL! SIMULATED evacuation orders will be sent thru Nixle and Nextdoor at 3:55PM. That will be the signal to log into the meeting.

    Do not go to the parking lots. Please sign up for Placer Alert at This system will be used in case of a real emergency. Squaw Valley Fire, North Tahoe Fire, and SV and AM Firewise Committees will make brief presentations. Ron Cohen CEO of Squaw Valley|Alpine Meadows will wrap up with a Q&A on the upcoming ski season. 

  • 4 Aug 2020 11:08 AM | Beth Scanlan (Administrator)

    On August 4th, long-time BCA member Ernest Wertheim passed at the age of 100. He will be fondly remembered by our community. Ernest is survived by his sons Rick and Andy, as well as his grandson Brian. His wife, Margrit Wertheim, passed in 2017. Ernest was born on Dec. 30, 1919, and lived a fascinating (and during his early years, quite perilous) life. As detailed in his memoir, "Chasing Spring," Ernest fled Nazi Germany in 1938 and arrived in America, where he later served in WWII. He settled in San Francisco in 1940 to practice landscape architecture. He built his home in Alpine Meadows in the early 1960's and served several terms as a director on the BCA board, including as President 1977-1978.  Rest in Peace, Ernest.

  • 29 Jul 2020 10:52 AM | Beth Scanlan (Administrator)

    Due to continuing problems with our dumpster, the BCA Board has decided to remove the dumpster at entrance 2 on September 30. The Board encourages everyone to begin using street side pickup as soon as possible.

    Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal (TTSD) provides street side pickup at no cost to homeowners – financed by the Alpine Springs Water District. Everyone initiating street side pickup, with or without a bear box, should contact TTSD (530-583-7800) to open an account.

    Placer County requires all homeowners who rent their homes to have bear boxes. Please comply with this requirement – renters are well known to be a source of excess garbage.

    For homeowners who do not rent their homes, bear boxes are strongly recommended but they are not required. Homeowners who are here on Mondays can leave approved garbage cans and recycling street side Monday morning. They will be picked up Monday afternoon. Garbage cans should not be left out over night. TTSD provides guidelines for acceptable containers:

    Homeowners installing bear boxes must get Tim’s approval for placement and must meet BCPC guidelines for color. See the attached letter from ASCWD for more information. Tim will be contacting Tahoe Bear Box ( to negotiate a discount for our homeowners. Of course, homeowners can use other vendors. Please note that placement of bear boxes is subject to Tim’s approval instead of the Placer County or BCPC guidelines.

    For homeowners concerned about cost, TTSD offers five year interest free loans of up to $1,200 payable at about $22/month. Homeowners interested in the loan program should contact TTSD before purchasing a bear box. Information is available at

    TTSD also collects recycling through its blue bag program. Information is available on the TTSD website

    VP Community Association Management

  • 6 Jul 2020 9:48 AM | Beth Scanlan (Administrator)

    To all members of Bear Creek,

    I’d like to introduce myself as the newly appointed president of Bear Creek. My wife, Beth, and I have been homeowners at Bear Creek for exactly 30 years today. Like so many of you we have thoroughly enjoyed everything about Bear Creek and the Alpine Valley community over the years. Our four children have spent summers at the pond and winters on the slopes - the memories are rich and will last forever amongst our family and friends. I recently decided to offer my time to work on the board on behalf of our community and was appointed president. While I was not expecting to be the president I’m excited to take on the role and look forward to it. I will do my best to support all of our members and help continue the great traditions and experience of being a member of Bear Creek. I know that one of the benefits of this position will be that I will get to know many more of the community than I currently do and that is exciting for me personally. I want to thank Rachelle for her years of service and all that she has done for the community. I hope to be able to provide a smooth transition and follow her example as someone that has contributed greatly to Bear Creek. I look forward to getting started and to meet all of you.


    Eric Stern 

  • 23 Jun 2020 11:19 PM | Beth Scanlan (Administrator)

    Three POND PASSES are being given to each house.  We ask that at least one person in your group at the pond has it and DISPLAYS IT AT THE POND.  Put them on lanyards to wear around your neck, attach them to your pond totes, safety pin it to your bathing suit—do whatever necessary to ensure you HAVE YOUR POND PASS ON YOU AT THE POND.  Please SHOW IT to the Pond Monitor or BCA Member who asks to see.  WE WILL ASK YOU TO GO BACK TO YOUR HOUSE TO GET IT IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT.

    We are issuing POND PASSES to make it easier on our Pond Monitors and Members to identify BCA members and their guests at the pond.  This is particularly important during COVID-19 and the need to maintain a six-foot distance from others.  

    Please do your part to keep our pond for BCA Members and Guests.  CONSIDER YOUR POND PASS A BADGE OF HONOR AND DISPLAY IT ALL TIMES WHEN AT THE POND! 

    Thank you,

    BCA Board of Directors

    Download all attachments as a zip file

  • 17 Jun 2020 9:34 AM | Brian Todd (Administrator)

    With summer almost here, we need to face the daunting trash issue in the BCA community.


    End of December 2019 with dumpster pickup 3x/week: Mon/Wed/FriEnd of December 2019 with dumpster pickup 3x/week: Mon/Wed/Fri

    End of May 2020 dumpster pickup 2x/week: Mon/Fri

    End of May 2020 dumpster pickup 2x/week: Mon/Fri

    Garbage is being left outside of the dumpster. Not only is this unsightly, this attracts animals which is dangerous forboth the animals and people. It also requires additional time for garbage collection, which could result in extra charges to the association.


    Recognizing that more people are residing in Bear Creek in the near-term, the Board voted to increase the dumpster pickup to 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) starting immediately. This will last through Labor Day Weekend. The Board may re-evaluate this decision should there continue to be garbage left outside of the dumpster as in the photos above. 

    We ask that you do your part:


    ·         Flatten boxes.

    ·         No large/outsize items (mattresses/appliances) – take them to the landfill or make other pickup arrangements with TTSD (Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal) at 530-583-7800.

    ·         Take your green waste (defensible space clean-up) to the landfill (informational flyer) or make other arrangements with TTSD at 530-583-7800.

    ·         If you rent your home (even just a weekend), follow the water district’s ordinance and install a bear box.

    ·         Put your garbage out on Monday for residential pickup if you are around to bring garbage cans in. From the TTSD website (

    o    Place your garbage within twenty feet of the county maintained roadside by 7:00 am.

    o    Make sure your garbage is visible and easily accessible for the TTSD drivers. Any cans placed further than the allotted 20 feet will be assessed a “trip charge.”

    o    Individual cans, bags, or containers must neither exceed 32 gallons in volume nor 60 pounds in weight.

    o    For employee safety, we do not service fixed-lid rolling containers used for mixed solid waste.

    o    Cans should have tight-fitting lids that are not screw top. We do not service the screw-top “bear resistant” cans or attached-lid trash cans.

    o    If you have more than your regular household trash to be picked up, e.g. yard clean up or appliances, you need to call our office at 530-583-7800 and give authorization to pick up these additional items.

    o    Place recycling (blue bags) beside garbage.

    Consider Installing a Bear Box

    BCPC will not require that installation of bear boxes be subject to BCPC approval or payment of fees as long as (1) the installation meets Placer County requirements and, (2) the box is consistent with the color requirements of the ARM (Ch 3. B.2.) and is located with consideration given, to the extent practicable, to the location and screening requirements of the ARM (Ch 3. B.14.). Bear boxes are generally manufactured in colors that are consistent with the ARM, such as brown or dark grey/charcoal. If you are going to install a bear box, you MUST coordinate with Tim first to ensure he can plow your driveway. Please provide Tim with the following, which the Board will forward along to BCPC:

     1)      Name of Homeowner;

    2)      Address of Homeowner;

    3)      Phone and/or email for Homeowner;

    4)      BCA lot number;

    5)      Location bear box will be installed (map or detailed description) being certain to indicate if the location meets Placer County requirements; and

    6)      Color and size of bear box.

  • 4 Jun 2020 10:57 AM | Brian Todd (Administrator)

    As you probably saw in your email boxes, the BCA Granite Peak Management business manager, Emily Fralick, sent an email about the 2020-2021 Budget and Disclosure Package. 

    For clarification, the Granite Peak Management online portal is wholly separate from the Bear Creek Association website.  You will have separate registrations for both the portal and the BCA community platform.

    The value of the online portal is in five areas:

    • Instantly update your account profile such as address, phone, and email which helps with the BCA directory
    • Set up one-time or split payments for the association dues, and the portal offers both ACH and credit card (sorry, no Amex), and the payments can be setup for autopay.
    • View the property details of each lot you own and whether it is rented.

    If you haven’t registered for the online portal, click this link

    Then await an activation link email in your email.  You have to click on separate activation links for each lot but you only have to register once with a password.  The system automatically assigns all of the lots to your online portal.

  • 29 May 2020 4:42 PM | Brian Todd (Administrator)

    Following the May 22 Board of Directors meeting, the following updates are provided for the community:

    Given COVID-19 and social distancing recommendations, the Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom Meeting. Instructions will be sent a week before the meeting. In the meantime, you will receive a packet with the Agenda, last year’s minutes, ballot and candidates’ statements in the mail within the next week.

    The BBQ is being postponed. The Board will evaluate the BBQ and our traditional Labor Day Weekend activities later this summer.

    The Board approved the 2020-21 budget resulting in a 3% increase in dues. While you will receive more details about this soon, we can share that a significant new cost to the association is the dumpster at Entrance #2. In recent years, this had been part of the water district’s dumpsters. Now that they no longer have complimentary dumpsters, we have to pay for it.

    Pond Passes: In the era of COVID-19, we decided to resurrect the pond passes! In the coming month, each homeowner will be issued TWO passes to help identify members and guests at the pond. We ask that a member of your group have the pass on them at all times and present it when asked either by a Pond Attendant or a fellow BCA member. While additional signs are being installed at the pond reminding people that the pond is for BCA members only, it is incumbent on all of us to discourage unauthorized use of it by others.

    6-foot Distance: We ask everyone to maintain a 6-foot distance from non-family members. Please remember this applies to children and dogs as well, and the CDC recommendation is to keep dogs on-leash. We hope that people can self-police, although the Board will evaluate whether additional measures need to be taken during the summer to enforce state guidelines. You will see signs at the pond reminding you of the CDC recommendations.

    Rafts: As a result of the pandemic, we are removing the rafts for summer 2020 due to the “high touch” nature of the rafts and paddles. We encourage you to bring your own flotation devises but remind you to remove everything at the end of the day.

    Bathroom: There will be no bathroom at the pond this year for numerous reasons including COVID-19. Last year’s port-a-potty was a pilot to learn more about the demand for a bathroom. The survey indicated that those who used it appreciated it, yet it was unclear the full extent of the demand.

    Around your home: Essential work under Governor Newsom’s stay-at-home order includes “…prevention, including personnel conducting, supporting, or facilitating wildfire mitigation activities.” We all must maintain defensible space around our home. It is encouraged that it be done by the end of June before fire season starts in the region.

    Need an inspection to see what needs to be done around your house? Want to schedule chipping for your pile of branches? See North Tahoe Fire Protection District’s website at Also please see the enclosed information from the Alpine Meadows Firewise Council and information about free green waste drop off.

    Tree removal: If you want to remove a tree, please complete the tree removal form on the BCA website and a member of the Tree Committee will review your request.

    Community Fire Clean-up Day, Saturday, July 11, 2020: The annual clean-up day along Alpine Meadows Road will take place in the morning. Due to social distancing requirements, please sign-up for shifts by contacting Dawn Grass at Please bring sunscreen, water, and work gloves. This year’s participants will be entered in a raffle to win an unrestricted season pass from SquawAlpine!

    Rental Property: Bear Boxes are required if you rent your home for any length of time. (See Ordinance 4-2019.) Short term rentals will be allowed for non-essential workers once Placer County moves into Stage 3 of California’s reopening roadmap. (As of May 26, Placer County is seeking permission to move to Stage 3.)

    BCPC will not require that installation of bear boxes be subject to BCPC approval or payment of fees as long as (1) the installation meets Placer County requirements and, (2) the box is consistent with the color requirements of the ARM (Ch 3. B.2.) and is located with consideration given, to the extent practicable, to the location and screening requirements of the ARM (Ch 3. B.14.). Bear boxes are generally manufactured in colors that are consistent with the ARM, such as brown or dark grey/charcoal. Tim has made arrangements for a discount ($100 off) with Tahoe Bear Box Co., for box styles RCE 230g and RCE 330g. If you are going to install a bear box, you MUST coordinate with Tim first to ensure he can plow your driveway. Please provide Tim with the following, which the Board will forward along to BCPC:

    1) Name of Homeowner;
    2) Address of Homeowner;
    3) Phone and/or email for Homeowner;
    4) BCA lot number;
    5) Location bear box will be installed (map or detailed description) being certain to indicate if the location meets Placer County requirements; and
    6) Color and size of bear box.

    The Website Committee has been hard at work on Bear Creek’s new website. Please see the enclosed letter from the committee about the resources available there.

    We look forward to seeing people, even if at 6-foot distance, around BCA this summer in addition to our Zoom meeting on July 4!

  • 29 May 2020 4:23 PM | Brian Todd (Administrator)

    Placer County residents can use two free green waste drop off options for the summer of 2020.

    1. All summer drop off at the Eastern Regional Materials Recovery Facility, 900 Cabin Creek Road. Truckee; Mon - Sat 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Note that each resident is allowed a maximum of 6 yards of disposal throughout the summer which means 6 bags x 6 yards = 36 bags.  You get a punch card on your first visit to count off your allocation.

    2. One day drop off - June 13 - from 7:30 am - 2:00 pm, at four locations with a maximum of 3 yards per trip ... so theoretically you could make multiple trips in one day and really dispose of a lot of green waste!

    Any quid pro quo? Yep!  If you aren't bagging, you need to have a tarp over and under your waste. You have to empty your own waste.  You need to show id and proof of placer county residency (liberty utility bill or cable bill should work).  Only green waste; no food, pet, or construction waste, and no dirt, sod, or rocks.

    Questions: Call Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal at 530.583.7800

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