Valley-Wide Committees

The Bear Creek Planning Committee (BCPC)

The developers of the Valley envisioned that the homes built here would fit together in a harmonious way and incorporate the natural beauty of the area. Thus jurisdiction over building in the Valley was given by the developers to the Bear Creek Planning Committee (BCPC). The BCPC was established by the three homeowners associations, Bear Creek Association, Juniper Mountain Association, and Alpine Meadows Estates Association, to serve as a design and review board for construction. As such it performs a planning function and exercises architectural control over all construction and improvements within these subdivisions.

The Architectural Review Manual (ARM) describes the improvements requiring BCPC approval, as well as the review and approval process. In general, any improvement to a lot, alteration or change in the land coverage or appearance of the land, or change in exterior appearance of an existing home, is subject to BCPC review. In addition to application fees, which are used to fund the Committee’s operations, a Performance Deposit is required to ensure compliance with the regulations.

The Bear Creek Planning Committee recognizes your right to build or improve your home and strives to make the process as straightforward as possible. This process is designed so that your improvements will integrate well with the other homes in the Valley.

A complete version of the Architectural Review Manual “ARM” can be found here or by contacting the BCPC Secretary.


P.O. BOX 6136 ● TAHOE CITY, CA 96145 ● 530.581.5692

Bear Creek Valley Board

The Bear Creek Valley board was established by the three associations and by the Bear Creek Planning Committee to act on appeals from homeowners regarding decisions of the Bear Creek Planning Committee. Details of the appeals process are defined in the Architectural Review Manual “ARM”.

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