Rules & Regulations

More common rules and regulations governing the use of Bear Creek lands are highlighted below. This is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of, or a substitute for, the CC&Rs. It is the responsibility of each member of the Association to become familiar with all of the CC&Rs and, where appropriate or necessary, to communicate those rules and regulations to their guests and renters.

Winter Rules

During the winter months, heed one-way road markers, snowplow regulations, and emergency procedures (re: parking, road ingress and egress).

During winter conditions, please email and/or telephone the Property Manager to let him know your estimated time of arrival, and that of your guests and renters at least 48 hours in advance, so that he can plow your driveway or parking areas. This should avoid the problem of people arriving late at night to find access to their homes blocked by snow. It also permits the Property Manager to prioritize and to concentrate on need first.

Sledding, skiing, and snowmobiling on roads are strictly prohibited. There have been serious accidents.

DO NOT let your children build snow caves in the snow walls on the street or in your driveway.

It is your responsibility to ensure cars parked on your parking pad are visible to the Property Manager when he is plowing.

The Valley historically has been susceptible to avalanches. It is recommended for your own safety that you do not venture out alone during heavy snowstorms.

Avoid Alpine Meadows Road during periods of avalanche danger.

Parking Rules

Parking is permitted only in a garage, carport, or in designated parking spaces.

Park in your designated parking areas only. Please refer to the CC&Rs for clarification.

No boat, trailer, RV, or commercial vehicles are to be parked out in the open for more than 7 days in any calendar year. As noted in the CC&Rs.

If you have renters, it is your responsibility to inform your renter about your designated parking areas and rules noted above.

It is neighborly to discuss infractions with your fellow homeowners. If you are unsuccessful, please call the Business Manager to report parking issues.

Pond Rules

Use of the Pond is limited to:

  • Members and their immediate family
  • Renters of BCA homes
  • Guests staying in your home in Bear Creek
  • Guests not staying in your home, but visiting you and accompanied by you to the pond

Be aware that there is not a lifeguard on duty at the pond and homeowners, guests and renters use the pond and common areas at their own risk. This applies at all times during the year, including ice-skating during the winter months. The ice layer is often too thin for skating. Ice-skating is to be done at your own risk.

A pond monitor will be present on the weekends from the first weekend in July to Labor Day. The monitor’s responsibility is to make sure all enjoying the pond belong to Bear Creek and that dog owners follow all rules. The pond monitor is NOT a lifeguard. Please make sure you and your guests know the Bear Creek home address and lot number when attending the pond.

Children should always be accompanied and supervised by an adult while at the pond area.

A bear-proof trashcan is provided in the pond area for refuse. Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after him or herself. Please do so to keep bear issues at a minimum. All items brought to the pond including but not limited to chairs, umbrellas, floatables, sand toys, and towels must not be left overnight.

Dogs may be unleashed and can swim in the pond before 11:00 am in the morning and after 6:00 pm in the evening. During the hours of 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, dogs are welcome but must be on a leash. At all times an owner is responsible for picking up after their dog at the pond.

The use of the community rafts is at your own risk. They are for everyone’s enjoyment. Share when appropriate.

If at all possible, please leave your vehicles at home and walk to the pond. There are very few parking spaces available near the pond and both moving and parked cars increase the possibility of an accident with so many small children present.

Dog Rules

Do not let your dog roam unsupervised in our neighborhood.

If you see an unsupervised dog in our neighborhood or at the pond call The Human Society of Tahoe-Truckee at 530-587-5948.

Please clean up after your dog on all roads, at the pond and its surrounding areas, and on all publicly maintained trails. Dispose of doggy bags in trash receptacles only.

Pond Rules: Dogs may be unleashed and can swim in the pond before 11:00 am in the morning and after 6:00 pm in the evening. During the hours of 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.

Garbage Rules

Bear Box: Bear Boxes are required if you rent your home for any length of time (short-term rentals, ski leases, long-term). (Alpine Springs County Water District Ordinance 4-2019). BCPC will not require approval or payment of fees as long as the bear box installation (1) meets Placer County requirements, and (2) the box is consistent with the color requirements of the ARM. If you are going to install a bear box, you must coordinate with our property manager Tim Granger first, to ensure he can plow your driveway.

Dumpster: One courtesy dumpster is located at Bear Creek Entrance #2 across from the maintenance building for the use of Bear Creek homeowners, guests, and renters. The BCA dumpster is to be used for household type garbage only. Garbage should be bagged in plastic. Please be careful to latch the dumpster after use. DO NOT leave garbage of any kind around the dumpster if it is full. Because garbage attracts bears and other animals, it is important to keep the area around the dumpsters clean and free of any trash.

Garbage Pick Up: Garbage pick-up in our neighborhood is on Mondays, including holidays. If you choose to put garbage out for collection, please only put garbage in bear-proof garbage containers and only if you are there to retrieve the container immediately after the garbage is removed.

DO NOT leave any garbage out overnight. If you cannot ensure that your garbage is safe from bears, dogs, and raccoons, please carry your trash to the dumpsters for disposal.

Garbage Company: Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal, 530-583-0148. The Alpine Springs County Water District has negotiated home pick-up and is incorporated in your water district bill.

Fire Safety

The most serious fires which occur in the Alpine Meadows Fire Department area almost invariably happen within a few hours after the home has been vacated by weekend or vacationing visitors unaware of the hazards which exist in the mountain area of Lake Tahoe. Following is a list of suggestions and hints for the protection of your home from the hazards of fire and other dangers.

When the house is occupied:

Do Keep a screen over the fireplace opening at all times.

Do Clean all wood-burning stoves and fireplaces regularly.

Do Clean all ashtrays.

Do Place ashes from any wood burning appliance in a covered metal container, soak with water and stir, then place away from all buildings and other flammable material. Only after at least 1 week can the ashes be discarded.

Do Have your heating system inspected regularly by a qualified person.

Do Know your exact location (house number and proper street name).

Do Display correct street number so that it can be easily seen, even when the snow is deep.

Do Know the number of the Fire Department -911
North Tahoe Fire Protection District -530-583-6911


Do not smoke outdoors.

Do not Place clothing near heating appliances after being outdoors or
after washing clothes in inclement weather.

Do not Place furniture near any heating appliance.

Do not Place portable heaters near any clothing or furniture.

Do not Use flammable liquids to start a fire in fireplaces or stoves.

Do not Place electric cords under rugs or carpet.

Do not Use frayed or worn electric cords.

DO NOT Allow snow or ice to accumulate around propane gas regulators.

DO NOT Park and do not allow your visitors to park where snow has narrowed the roadway.

If the house is to remain heated, check thermostat setting on the furnace and water heater.

If the house is to be completely closed, shut off electricity and water.

Help your Alpine Meadows Fire Department prevent unnecessary home fires. These tragedies are preventable.

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