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BCA Board of Director Meeting Update

29 May 2020 4:42 PM | Brian Todd (Administrator)

Following the May 22 Board of Directors meeting, the following updates are provided for the community:

Given COVID-19 and social distancing recommendations, the Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom Meeting. Instructions will be sent a week before the meeting. In the meantime, you will receive a packet with the Agenda, last year’s minutes, ballot and candidates’ statements in the mail within the next week.

The BBQ is being postponed. The Board will evaluate the BBQ and our traditional Labor Day Weekend activities later this summer.

The Board approved the 2020-21 budget resulting in a 3% increase in dues. While you will receive more details about this soon, we can share that a significant new cost to the association is the dumpster at Entrance #2. In recent years, this had been part of the water district’s dumpsters. Now that they no longer have complimentary dumpsters, we have to pay for it.

Pond Passes: In the era of COVID-19, we decided to resurrect the pond passes! In the coming month, each homeowner will be issued TWO passes to help identify members and guests at the pond. We ask that a member of your group have the pass on them at all times and present it when asked either by a Pond Attendant or a fellow BCA member. While additional signs are being installed at the pond reminding people that the pond is for BCA members only, it is incumbent on all of us to discourage unauthorized use of it by others.

6-foot Distance: We ask everyone to maintain a 6-foot distance from non-family members. Please remember this applies to children and dogs as well, and the CDC recommendation is to keep dogs on-leash. We hope that people can self-police, although the Board will evaluate whether additional measures need to be taken during the summer to enforce state guidelines. You will see signs at the pond reminding you of the CDC recommendations.

Rafts: As a result of the pandemic, we are removing the rafts for summer 2020 due to the “high touch” nature of the rafts and paddles. We encourage you to bring your own flotation devises but remind you to remove everything at the end of the day.

Bathroom: There will be no bathroom at the pond this year for numerous reasons including COVID-19. Last year’s port-a-potty was a pilot to learn more about the demand for a bathroom. The survey indicated that those who used it appreciated it, yet it was unclear the full extent of the demand.

Around your home: Essential work under Governor Newsom’s stay-at-home order includes “…prevention, including personnel conducting, supporting, or facilitating wildfire mitigation activities.” We all must maintain defensible space around our home. It is encouraged that it be done by the end of June before fire season starts in the region.

Need an inspection to see what needs to be done around your house? Want to schedule chipping for your pile of branches? See North Tahoe Fire Protection District’s website at Also please see the enclosed information from the Alpine Meadows Firewise Council and information about free green waste drop off.

Tree removal: If you want to remove a tree, please complete the tree removal form on the BCA website and a member of the Tree Committee will review your request.

Community Fire Clean-up Day, Saturday, July 11, 2020: The annual clean-up day along Alpine Meadows Road will take place in the morning. Due to social distancing requirements, please sign-up for shifts by contacting Dawn Grass at Please bring sunscreen, water, and work gloves. This year’s participants will be entered in a raffle to win an unrestricted season pass from SquawAlpine!

Rental Property: Bear Boxes are required if you rent your home for any length of time. (See Ordinance 4-2019.) Short term rentals will be allowed for non-essential workers once Placer County moves into Stage 3 of California’s reopening roadmap. (As of May 26, Placer County is seeking permission to move to Stage 3.)

BCPC will not require that installation of bear boxes be subject to BCPC approval or payment of fees as long as (1) the installation meets Placer County requirements and, (2) the box is consistent with the color requirements of the ARM (Ch 3. B.2.) and is located with consideration given, to the extent practicable, to the location and screening requirements of the ARM (Ch 3. B.14.). Bear boxes are generally manufactured in colors that are consistent with the ARM, such as brown or dark grey/charcoal. Tim has made arrangements for a discount ($100 off) with Tahoe Bear Box Co., for box styles RCE 230g and RCE 330g. If you are going to install a bear box, you MUST coordinate with Tim first to ensure he can plow your driveway. Please provide Tim with the following, which the Board will forward along to BCPC:

1) Name of Homeowner;
2) Address of Homeowner;
3) Phone and/or email for Homeowner;
4) BCA lot number;
5) Location bear box will be installed (map or detailed description) being certain to indicate if the location meets Placer County requirements; and
6) Color and size of bear box.

The Website Committee has been hard at work on Bear Creek’s new website. Please see the enclosed letter from the committee about the resources available there.

We look forward to seeing people, even if at 6-foot distance, around BCA this summer in addition to our Zoom meeting on July 4!

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