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Garbage -- yikes!

17 Jun 2020 9:34 AM | Brian Todd (Administrator)

With summer almost here, we need to face the daunting trash issue in the BCA community.


End of December 2019 with dumpster pickup 3x/week: Mon/Wed/FriEnd of December 2019 with dumpster pickup 3x/week: Mon/Wed/Fri

End of May 2020 dumpster pickup 2x/week: Mon/Fri

End of May 2020 dumpster pickup 2x/week: Mon/Fri

Garbage is being left outside of the dumpster. Not only is this unsightly, this attracts animals which is dangerous forboth the animals and people. It also requires additional time for garbage collection, which could result in extra charges to the association.


Recognizing that more people are residing in Bear Creek in the near-term, the Board voted to increase the dumpster pickup to 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) starting immediately. This will last through Labor Day Weekend. The Board may re-evaluate this decision should there continue to be garbage left outside of the dumpster as in the photos above. 

We ask that you do your part:


·         Flatten boxes.

·         No large/outsize items (mattresses/appliances) – take them to the landfill or make other pickup arrangements with TTSD (Tahoe Truckee Sierra Disposal) at 530-583-7800.

·         Take your green waste (defensible space clean-up) to the landfill (informational flyer) or make other arrangements with TTSD at 530-583-7800.

·         If you rent your home (even just a weekend), follow the water district’s ordinance and install a bear box.

·         Put your garbage out on Monday for residential pickup if you are around to bring garbage cans in. From the TTSD website (

o    Place your garbage within twenty feet of the county maintained roadside by 7:00 am.

o    Make sure your garbage is visible and easily accessible for the TTSD drivers. Any cans placed further than the allotted 20 feet will be assessed a “trip charge.”

o    Individual cans, bags, or containers must neither exceed 32 gallons in volume nor 60 pounds in weight.

o    For employee safety, we do not service fixed-lid rolling containers used for mixed solid waste.

o    Cans should have tight-fitting lids that are not screw top. We do not service the screw-top “bear resistant” cans or attached-lid trash cans.

o    If you have more than your regular household trash to be picked up, e.g. yard clean up or appliances, you need to call our office at 530-583-7800 and give authorization to pick up these additional items.

o    Place recycling (blue bags) beside garbage.

Consider Installing a Bear Box

BCPC will not require that installation of bear boxes be subject to BCPC approval or payment of fees as long as (1) the installation meets Placer County requirements and, (2) the box is consistent with the color requirements of the ARM (Ch 3. B.2.) and is located with consideration given, to the extent practicable, to the location and screening requirements of the ARM (Ch 3. B.14.). Bear boxes are generally manufactured in colors that are consistent with the ARM, such as brown or dark grey/charcoal. If you are going to install a bear box, you MUST coordinate with Tim first to ensure he can plow your driveway. Please provide Tim with the following, which the Board will forward along to BCPC:

 1)      Name of Homeowner;

2)      Address of Homeowner;

3)      Phone and/or email for Homeowner;

4)      BCA lot number;

5)      Location bear box will be installed (map or detailed description) being certain to indicate if the location meets Placer County requirements; and

6)      Color and size of bear box.

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